Councilwoman Brings Students to Tears, Calling Handmade Gift To City "Racist" and "Offensive"

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A quilt which was presented to the city of Martinsville, Virginia as a goodwill gesture on behalf of the Piedmont Governor's school, was labeled as "racist" and "offensive" by Councilwoman Sharon Brooks Hodge.  Her outrage was triggered by one of the squares on the quilt, a black stick figure which represented intellectual darkness, while a metallic gold stick figure was used to represent enlightenment.  The student who made the square said that he wanted to use a dark color to contrast the lightness of the gold figure.  One young girl was brought to tears by the unexpected attack.
This was not sufficient for the Councilwoman. The NAACP reportedly has also gotten into the non-issue, issuing a statement saying,
"This young man had not received training on how offensive depictions like this were to people of color. If he had, this incident could have been avoided. The city already has issues with the Black [sic] community; this does not help matters at all." [is the last sentence a veiled threat?]
So, in other words: "These young people, because they are white, are genetically predisposed to being racist, and in need of multi-cultural sensitivity training.  And since there are already race issues in Martinsville, it would be a unfortunate if violence were to increase because of this." 
In an interview with WDBJ-7 News, it becomes readily apparent that it is Ms. Hodge who is the racist.  She states during he interview that she is "fine" with replacing the black figure with a white stick figure to "represent ignorance".  She also refers to the reporter as "you white people".
It is obvious to any one watching the council meeting video or listening to her interview that this is a person hyper-sensitive about race, ready to attack any perceived "racial" undertone, and who's worldview is seen through a racial lens.  She does not see the beauty of the gift that was presented to the council, or the hard work and love put into the project by the students.  Nor does she see the one young girl  reduced to tears by the unexpected attack. She sees only her own racial bias and bigotry, which becomes crystal clear in the interview.
A truly despicable, bitter racist of a human being, Councilwoman Hodge is not fit to represent anyone at any level of government.

Read Story and See 12 Minute Council Meeting Video at WDBJ7.com
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