NJ Senate Ejects Man In Middle Of Senate Testimony for Criticizing Gun Control

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This is an OUTRAGE!
We have a 2nd Amendment to protect our 1st Amendment and all of our other rights as citizens of a free society.
The video below shows how quickly a tyrannical government official removes a man's 1st Amendment rights, simply for speaking out in favor of his 2nd Amendment rights, when that government official no longer fears the citizenry.

2nd Amendment Supporter Thrown Out of N.J. Meeting By Police After Criticizing Gun Control

Do you remember how, at least once a week during the Bush Administration, you’d hear some Progressive holler about the importance of “speaking truth to power?” They’d speak truth to power at massive rallies, where no one stopped them from speaking; they’d speak truth to power at university functions where they stole the microphone from (and sometimes assaulted) conservative speakers; they’d speak truth to power on TV, and in the movies, and in political meetings, and just about everywhere else they could think of. They were the free, the brave, and the Progressive squawking madly at conservatives who sat politely and listened.

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