Jihad Alert! Police Detain, Question 7 Saudis, Pakistanis, and Singaporeans Scouting MA Reservoir

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Seven people claiming to be recently graduated chemical engineers on a field trip to the Quabbin Reservoir for educational purposes, were detained by Massachusetts State Police and cited for trespassing.

Sounds harmless enough until you discover that these seven "students", five men and two women, are  from the Islamist countries of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan,  and also Singapore (14.7% Muslim). Police report that the seven live in different parts of Massachussetts and New York.

Though police stated that there was no "evidence" of any crime committed other than trespassing, what are the chances that these seven people just decided to go on a field trip at 12:30AM, to the reservoir that supplies water to the most of the eastern part of the state of Massachusetts and Boston, to enhance their knowledge of chemical engineering?  Just a guess, but I'd say about ZERO! My guess is that they were there to assess the vulnerabilities, or an ideal method or location, to carry out some kind of attack.  The one thing these people were honest about was that they were there for "educational" purposes. Not for scientific purposes, but reconnaissance for their jihad.

If the FBI has not already put these seven individuals on the terrorist watch list, it needs to do so immediately.  To do otherwise would be at the very least negligent, and potentially criminal, were some sort of chemical or biological attack done on the water supply.  While they are at it, do the same thing to the "students" who have come here from Middle Eastern islamist states, but who never showed up to their schools, or any other schools.  The numbers range anywhere from 1,500 to 15,000.  That the numbers of those individuals are so disparate should raise a red flag all on its own.

Though Obama has said that al Qaeda and the islamists are supposedly so weakened as to be insignificant, the only opinion that really matters is that of the islamo-nazi terrorists, and the last time I checked, they haven't told us they have given up their jihad against the United States and the West.
Story and Video at WCVB.com Boston

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