Preying On The Dead: Dem Senator Blames OK Twister On GOP

Posted by Brian

I wondered how long it would take before some leftist asshat politicized the tragedy in Oklahoma!

Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) took to the Senate floor to criticize Republicans about global warming.  
Let me tell you something Senator. This is tornado season.  It comes every year. This year it has come later then ever before.  However, that is not the first thing that popped into my head as I watch it unfold on national television. What came to mind is the PEOPLE in Moore, Oklahoma and elsewhere who have lost friends, family, homes, pets, and essentially everything else.  My thought was not: "how can we use the pain and suffering of these people for political gain.  It takes a special kind of sick SOB for that sick crap, and you are apparently that sick SOB.
These leftist scumbags PRAY for this kind of thing so they can prey on the carcasses of the dead before they can even be buried. These political vultures are soulless pieces of human debris and deserve nothing but our contempt and derision!
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