Media's Benghazi "Right-Wing Witch Hunt" Meme Ignores Whistleblower Is Dem, Voted For Obama Twice

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"Right wing"? Whistleblower Gregory Hicks is a registered Democrat who voter for Obama twice.
NBC spiked story identifying Benghazi whistleblower as Democrat, Obama voter  

According to Victoria Toensing, attorney for Benghazi whistleblower Gregory Hicks, her client is a registered Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Toensing said she told NBC, but the network spiked that part of the story, WMAL reported Saturday.

"He voted for Hillary in the primary and Obama twice,” she told Newsmax's Steve Malzberg. “NBC spiked the story where I told it before the hearings.”
“It’s just amazing what the press is still trying to do to cover this up,” she declared. “So they try to make this partisan because of the lawyer. Well I’m not the messenger, he’s the messenger! The modus operandi is to find anything they can do to just attack,” she added.  

Benghazi whistleblower Greg Hicks told to take desk job or be terminated Toensing said she gave the information to NBC's Lisa Myers for a story set to run on Wednesday -- the day before his testimony.
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