And the Oscar Goes To: AR Sen Jeffress Channels His Inner Evangelist

Was this a town hall, or a revival meeting? Gene Jeffress (D-AR) either gave one of the best or worst acting performances, depending on your point of view, that I've ever seen. It was breathtaking in its transparency and pandering.

Channelling his inner Ernest Angley, Robert Tilton, and Bennie Hinn all at the same time, Senator Jeffress spins stories about healthcare and racism to a small audience in his district. At one point he gets down on one knee to tell a story of an immigrant woman from Germany thanking him for his stance on ObamaCare, and how America can "do better" as Germany has "been doing this for centuries". At another point he promises to pray for a woman's grandaughter, not because "it's political", but because "it's Christian".

His voice, at once rising, and then getting soft, you wonder if you're at a town hall meeting or a tent revival with Jimmie Swaggert. The only thing missing is the crocodile tears, and the plea for a money bomb to help support worldwide outreach programs, and the starving children in New Guinea.
Maybe the biggest shock about watching this is that not one person laughed, or got up to leave. In fact, they seem enthralled. Of course, it could be the same reaction one gets when seeing a train wreck.  You can't seem to take your eyes off of it.

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