Obama"s Message To NAACP - "I Don't Need You"

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Let's call a spade a spade here. All NAACP leaders - Barack Obama doesn't need you! Oh, he needs your votes. That's certain.  But he doesn't need your opinion. He doesn't need your approval. He doesn't need to grace your hall with his magnificence.  You see, he is certain that the NAACP will carry his water to all African-Americans regardless of what he does, or of what he says.  Mitt Romney points out that there is 14%+ unemployment in the black community, and he's booed for pointing it out! This isn't debatable. It a fact, borne out by Obama's own statistics.

You, the NAACP "leadership", have done a superb job of getting over 90% of the African-American community to march lockstep behind a candidate precisely because he is black.  The anti-Martin Luther King.  Judge him not on his leadership, his results, or the content of is character, but on the color of his skin.

Bravo NAACP!!  You have taken your people back to before 1865, and the Emancipation Proclamation.  The only difference is this.  You are no longer kept on the plantation by the threat of a bullwhip and iron shackles, but by the promise of food stamps, welfare, and "fairness".

Obama Addresses NAACP in pre-taped video
"This is as up close and personal as I'm going to get with you - suckers!"
Obama's Absence The Talk Of NAACP Convention
“I don't think there's anyone around the president who's really, truly from the black community,” complains Chambliss. McKay Coppins

Posted Jul 12, 2012 2:26pm EDT HOUSTON, Texas — The black leaders that attended the NAACP Convention here Thursday heaped praise on Vice President Joe Biden for a heated morning speech, but one question quietly pervaded the gathering: Where was President Obama?

Obama's decision to skip the annual convention in the heat of his re-election bid has been a point of of constant speculation here in recent days, providing a sort of microcosm for how the black community views the nation's first African-American president as he nears the end of his first term.

"The people here overwhelmingly supported President Obama, would have loved to have President Obama here. So there's definitely some disappointment about that," said Dedrick Muhammad, director of the NAACP's Economic Department.
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