Dem Food Nazi's Taking Case National With Soda Tax

Posted by Brian

H/T Breitbart

Rep. Rosa DeLauro D-CT
What the hell is up with these Dems in the Northeast?  Restrictions on salt, trans-fats, baby formula, Big Gulps, etc. Now they want to take their fascism nationwide with a national tax on sodas?! Screw her and the Bloomturd she rode in on!  Where does this friggin' stop?  I'll tell you - IT DOESN'T.  This little Hitler's get an inch, and they want to push across the Rhine and start taxing everything! And this is before ObamaCare is even fully implemented. Wait until that happens! With "preventative" health measures, nothing will be off the table to these miscreants!!

Take a good look at this woman (it is a woman, right?). RosaDelauro looks like she could stand to drink a few sodas... along with eating a couple of dozen cheeseburgers, and a box of donuts.  Or, if red meat is too heavy, I hear Chick-Fil-A has great sandwiches, and their peach shake is to die for! That is, unless she's trying to go for the 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' look.

DeLauro, Bloomturd, and the rest of these food Nazis need to leave our food alone.

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