Dumb-Ass Slate Writer Makes Mitt Romney,Adolph Hitler Comparison

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Leftist blogger Matthew Yglesias has become the first, of probably many, to make the predictable comparison of Mitt Romney to Adolph Hitler.  The similarities? Each had/has a Swiss Bank account! What else do they have in common? Nothing.

Does Yglesias make the connection between Obama and his mentor, known communist Frank Marshall Davis, to the slaughter 100 million people worldwide by communist regimes?  No! As well he shouldn't.  The comparison is ludicrous, just as is his Hitler/Romney comparison.

Or why not make the Hitler comparison to David Axelrod?  Axelrod has the look, AND is a minister of propaganda like no other in the Obama White House.

David Axelrod - Obama's Minister of Propaganda
Who is Matthew Yglesias? Just another leftist blogger, who has made the rounds of  liberal/marxist rags like "American Prospect", the "Center for American Progress", "The Atlantic", and now writes for "Slate". It's just a matter of time before the leftist media pick this up, and start planting more seeds into the minds of gullible Americans, as part of their media get-out-the-vote-for-Obama campaign.


Left-wing Slate blogger Matthew Yglesias, who was a part of the left-wing cabal known as "Journolist," and who is frequently a source of stories circulated by the Obama campaign, sent out a tweet on Sunday in which he implied that Republican challenger Mitt Romney was analogous to Adolf Hitler.
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