'Chicken Little' Wasserman-Schultz: Romney Will Throw Seniors Out On The Street

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Never underestimate the depths to which Florida Congresswoman, and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will sink to in defending Obama, ObamaCare, or bashing opponents.  In the past she led a protest outside Congressman Allen West's campaign headquarters in which she has called him "anti-woman" and "misogynistic".  Never let it be said that "Little Debbie" ever lets an opportunity pass to say something really despicable about Republicans or their policies.

Such is the case virtually every time she speaks on health care.  Especially if there are senior citizens present.  Her arsenal consists of Republicans want to "kill" seniors. Republicans want to put seniors on a "path to poverty".  Her latest vile theme is that Mitt Romney health care plans would put senior citizens "out in the cold" and turn them out of nursing homes. To be fair, if this weren't a group of senior citizens, but were instead a bunch of kids at a children's hospital, or she was at an NAACP conference, her message would have accommodated her audience to scare the hell out of them at too. She is nothing, if not consistent, in her vileness.

Curious though, how she fails to mention that ObamaCare takes $818B out of Medicare Part A to help pay for ObamaCare in the first ten years.  At the twenty year mark it is $3.2 TRILLION. Just a small thing to omit.  Oh! And Medicare Part B (physicians fees) isn't spared either. That is cut nearly $500B during the first ten years, and $1.75 trillion over 20 years.  How will this affect senior citizens, dear Debbie?  Might it create a reduction in non-critical services? Of course, what is deemed to be "non-critical" will be determined, not by physicians, but by bureaucrats in Washington or some other politburo-type setting.  And of course, the doctors, who are already losing money on Medicare patients, are probably not going to like that their fees will be cut even further.  Some might even decide to retire early, leaving a shortage of doctors to deal with elderly patients.  I wonder what that will do for the quality of care for seniors?  If they're having medical problems at such an advanced age, is it really fair to them to put them through a all of the surgeries, needles, and hospital stays?  I mean, what kind of quality of life is that?  Wouldn't it be better to just let them "die with dignity"?
Of course, not all doctors will leave their practice, but there will still be a shortfall to the hospitals due to the cuts in Medicare B.  I guess they can just roll those into the premiums that the rest of the people pay for their insurance, especially the rich.  But, of course, not all people will be able to absorb these new increases.  How will the government deal with that? I guess they can always make cuts here and there to certain kinds of medications and procedures, especially for the very young and the elderly.  It really wouldn't be cost effective to spend that money on somebody who's on the downhill slide, now would it?
Now, about the very young.  If they're already having medical problems at such a tender age, is it really fair to them to put them through a life of surgeries, needles, and hospital stays?  I mean, what kind of quality of life is that?  Wouldn't it be better to just let them "die with dignity".  Plus, the amount of money that would be need to "fix" them would mean that they are using more than their fair share of 'lifetime care'.  Those selfish bastards!

Yeah.  Debbie always seems to leave out what ObamaCare is already slated to do to the Medicare plans of senior citizens.  But then again, she wouldn't want to scare them now.  Would she?

DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz Instilling Fear in Seniors, Again
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By Javier Manjarres

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz continues on with her fear-mongering and scaring of seniors in New Hampshire by stating that GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan would force seniors out of nursing homes and “out in the cold” if they were to elect him  president.
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