Obama's Long Crusade Against Guns and The Second Amendment

Posted by Brian

That Barack Obama and those on the left are calling for new gun control laws after the Aurora tragedy is not surprising.  Leftists anxiously await each new tragedy with baited breath for an opportunity to politicize them - any tragedy.

Obama sometimes talks of supporting the 2nd Amendment, but his action and history belies his rhetoric.

Some of what Obama has supported:

  • Making it a felony if your gun is stolen and used in a crime.  
  • Proposed increasing taxes on ammunition by 500%.  
  • Putting a "safety" mechanism on a weapon which would only allow the original owner to fire it. I guess it would really suck for the family if the owner of the weapon is not home when the break-in occurs.
  • Appointing an Attorney General who has stated that we need to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way” and supported DC's ban on handguns
  • Proposed Limiting gun sales to one per month (as does Eric Holder) (More on Eric Holder's anti-gun agenda)
  • Said the 2nd Amendment is about "hunting" and "target practice". (Wow!)
And the list goes on.

Being an election year, Obama will be very careful with not sounding too radical , but will call for "common sense" changes to gun laws, also known as "creeping incrementalism".  He has already stated that since the Aurora tragedy that "AK-47's (which the Aurora shooter didn't have) belong in the hand of soldiers and not the hands of criminals", perhaps unaware that the U.S. military doesn't use AK-47's. Or maybe he's so familiar with communist countries like the former Soviet Union and China, it's just second nature for him.

Imagine an Obama 2nd term in which he doesn't have to run for reelection, and moderate his views and ideology on things like gun control.

by CHARLES C. JOHNSON  26 Jul 2012, 4:59 AM PDT

As Barack Obama attacks "AK-47s," while his press secretary promises that Obama respects Second Amendment rights, it is worth recalling Obama's long-running campaign for gun control, dating back more than a decade--a campaign he now seeks to downplay as he heads into a difficult presidential election, because he knows how deeply unpopular it would be.

In 2000, Obama, then a state senator, pushed anti-gun legislation--hard--after a 84-year-old woman had been gunned down by three gang-bangers who thought she had won the lottery.

Obama unveiled his anti-gun plan at a rally near the woman's house. "This home invasion is another example of how violence came close to home and we must have congressional action to help reduce gun deaths. Congress has been slow to act on these issues," he said. Rest assured, once elected to federal office, he would act.
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