Obama Campaign Slogan? Vote For Me Because...Been There, Done That!

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Back in 2008, the Obama campaign ran on the notion that Barack Obama was a Washington outsider, and that his inexperience was a positive.  He was beholden to no one.  His inexperience would allow him to reach across the political aisle and really get things done.

That was their message. Reality has proven to be much different. A few days after taking office, Obama proved his ability to work across party lines by stating: "I won." Things have gone down hill from there.  His inability to work with those whom he disagrees with have led to the infamous scene of the Democrats locking the GOP members out of the room during the health care "negotiations". Obama has willfully circumvented Congress, and the Constitution, using executive orders to ignore laws he doesn't agree with.  He has given unprecedented powers to a bevy of new czars, and through agencies, to legislate by fiat. Can't pass Cap and Trade? Have the EPA issue new laws masked as regulations.  A federal judge tells you that you can't unilaterally shut down offshore drilling, and even finds you in contempt when you ignore the court a second time? Ignore him again, and dare a weak GOP Speaker  to call you on it.

The '08 Obama campaign ran on being a Washington "outsider".  The truth is, Obama is the consummate "insider", beholden to unions, left-wing activists, Wall Street bankers, and leftist Hollywood millionaires.

Obama now says that he has the "experience" for "four more years".  Well, we've been there, done that, and the country is in the longest economic depression since the 1930's.  Fool the voters once, shame on you. Twice...ain't gonna happen!

by BEN SHAPIRO  11 Jul 2012 72

Just when you think the Obama campaign can’t find a worse reason to vote for Barack Obama, they come up with a new one. Today’s message: vote for Obama because he’s already been president. Seriously.
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