EPA Hiding New Regs Until After Election - Mark Levin Suing To Release Records

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Mark Levin
It appears there is an attempt by the Obama Administration and the EPA to hide new regulations, which are sure to affect power industry and consumers, until after the elections, so as not to inform American's of stranglehold they are getting ready to place on the coal, oil, and gas industries.
Mark Levin and his Landmark Legal Foundation are having none of it though, suing the EPA to release the documents so that voters can make an informed decision on the facts, and not just on Obama's flowery campaign rhetoric.
In the second debate, Obama hemmed and hawed on whether $4/gal gas is the "new normal" for Americans, and even saying that the $1.86/gal that Americans paid at the beginning of his presidency was due to the economy being so bad, apparently trying to make the case that the economy is so good now, that that is what has driven the prices to $4. What!? He is either the most economically illiterate man to ever hold the office, or he believes everyone else is so stupid that they will believe his crap (more likely the case).
Remember, this is the same man that said "under my version of cap-and-trade, electricity (energy) rates will necessarily skyrocket". His Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu has advocated for $5/gal and higher gas prices.  Ladies and gentlemen, this guy is just getting started!  And he's hiding it from the American public.  Because, if they had any idea how expensive it's going to be for them to drive their cars, heat and cool their homes, turn on the lights, cook their food, keep their foods fresh in refrigerators, take a hot bath, or any number of other things we take for granted, they would throw this jerk, and his cabal of green leftists out on their ass!  And he knows it!
For that, I thank Mark Levin and his legal group for doing the yeoman's work in trying to get this information out to the American people before election day.  Let's hope he is successful.

Levin Legal Group Sues EPA For Records Of Controversial Regs Delayed Until After Election
By David James October 23, 2012

Mark Levin says his legal group is suing the EPA to obtain records about the controversial regulations the EPA is "sitting on until after the election and ready to unleash."

On Monday's radio show, Levin announced and explained the importance of the lawsuit:

“As most of you know, I run a little legal foundation. And it is a little legal foundation. It’s called Landmark Legal Foundation. And today we filed a suit in Federal court in Washington D.C against the Environmental Protection Agency.
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