By Any Means Necessary! Obama Collects $2.2M In Donations From Non-Existent Zip Codes

Posted by Brian
If illegal foreign donations fall into the hands of the Obama campaign, and the media doesn't report or care about it, are they still illegal?
Apparently not, for those who live in Obamaland. Nothing this guy or his campaign does even raises an eyebrow to the sycophants of the left-wing mainstream media.
With just over 2 weeks left until election day, look for the media to either try to ignore it until after the election, or if unable to brush it aside, to pooh-pooh the whole thing as some minor distraction.

"With the amount of money the Obama campaign deals with, this is really just much ado about nothing.  I'm sure that once the election is over, that money will be returned from their surplus war chest."

Once again, the Obama campaign proves that it will say and do anything to win an election...and the media are there to lay down covering fire for him every step of the way.

Obama campaign collecting more donations from non-existent ZIP codes as campaign season goes on 
2:32 PM 10/21/2012

A soon to be released report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute shows that President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has increasingly collected more electronic donations from non-existent ZIP codes throughout the 2012 campaign cycle.
From February through June this year the GAI findings reported that the Obama campaign collected $175,816.26 in electronic donations from non-existent ZIP codes. One month later, the campaign raised $411,369.55 through such donations and $197,464.59 in August.
By the end of September, the Obama campaign raked in $2,199,204.38 – thanks to donations from non-existent ZIP codes.
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