Obama-Zombie Says Assassinated Ambassador Stevens "Had It Coming"!

An Un-American Piece Of Crap!
By now, most people have heard or seen the Obama Phone lady video, but this truly disgusting and shocking video seems to have slipped under the radar.
Another paid Obama-zombie who was bussed in to protest the Romney campaign rallies in the Cleveland, Ohio area, advances some views which are even more shocking than the previous video.
Initially asked about why he doesn't like Romney, the man incorrectly states that Romney says "he wants to raise taxes on the middle class".  Informed that Romney has stated just the opposite, and asked if a tax cut wouldn't actually be good for him and others in the middle class, he pauses and says "No".

A few seconds later, when asked what he thought of Ambassador Stevens being assassinated in Libya, he cavalierly states, "He probably had it coming"!

Truly disgusting, and illustrative of far too many of those on the left, who are a bunch of mentally defective, anti-American pieces of crap, who should renounce their citizenship and move to whatever Marxist utopian hell-hole they choose!  Just leave, and quit screwing up my country!

This is the video that should have gone viral!


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