Holy Crap! These Pro-ObamaCare Ad Blitzes Are REAL?!

Posted by Brian

ObamaCare's the Shizzle.

Is desperation setting in as ObamaCare deadlines near?
Imagine the joy on the faces of your family members when they unwrap their gift on Christmas morning, and realize that they're holding a card which tells them you've pledged to have a conversation with them about ObamaCare. Thanks, Covered California!

Even more absurd is a video put out by tellafriendgetcovered.com, a pro-ObamaCare group targeting millennial's to sign up for ObamaCare, which they say they don't want by a 2-1 margin. It feature an Obama impersonator rapping about how great his healthcare plan (and he) is, and is absolutely hilarious.  But hilarious doesn't make me want to run out and get something I don't want.  It does, however, highlight the absurdity of the whole rollout mess, and the clusterf**k this thing has turned into.
Watch the video for a good laugh.  It's side-splitting funny.

Pro-ObamaCare Ad

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