Absurd! 10 year-old Gets Real Suspension For Shooting Imaginary Arrow

Posted by Brian

A ten year old boy, Johnny Jones of Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania has been suspended, and faces possible expulsion for pretending to shoot an arrow at his classmate, who had supposedly shot at him while pointing his folder at him like a gun. No one is really sure whether either shot found its mark, as both were imaginary, or whether it hit the imaginary unicorn which had wandered into the line of fire shortly before the 10-year-old let fly his arrow of imaginary death.
That the "gun" and "bow and arrow" are were imaginary didn't matter to Principal John Horton.  Using zero critical thinking skills, Principal Horton contacted Johnny's mother for real to tell her of the serious nature of her son's imaginary "crime". The real crime here is what the Principal and the school district are doing to this 10-year-old for playing a modern day version of "cowboys and Indians".
Why is "zero tolerance" still tolerated? Zero tolerance policies continue to lead to asinine decisions such as this one, meting out punishment by brain dead adults incapable of using common sense or making a rational decision on their own, while placing stigma's on children which follow them throughout their school life.
According to school district policy, "the district prohibits the possession of “weapons,” defined as including any “knife, cutting instrument, cutting tool, nunchaku, firearm, shotgun, rifle and any other tool, instrument or implement capable of inflicting serious bodily injury.”"  It also prohibits "“replica” or “look-alike” weapons, and requires that the school Principal immediately contact the appropriate police department, complete an incident report to file with the school Superintendent, and begin the process of mandatory expulsion immediately".
So are we to now believe that making the motion of shooting an imaginary bow and arrow, or any other weapon for that matter, now constitutes replica or look-alike weapons? How do we know that a child making a swinging motion with his arms isn't pretending to be Karl Childers taking off someone's head with a slingblade? If this sounds ridiculous, it's not nearly as absurd as what Principal Horton is doing. If this is where his best thinking and decision-making leads, this man, nor anyone like him, should be anywhere near children, or teaching our children anything.
Fortunately, the Rutherford Institute and its lawyers are defending the 10 year old boy, pointing out the ridiculousness of the charges, and are asking that all charges be dropped and any references to the incident be expunged from the child's permanent school record.  If there is anyone who has even an ounce of common sense or decency, this will be thrown out. The only thing that's a danger here is the policy and the morons who so blindly follow it.

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