Senator Troubled That UPS Missed Christmas Deliveries, Unfazed About New Jan 1 Taxes and Healthcare Premium Increases

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"…and then I made them think I really care!"
Really? This is what our historically esteemed "World's greatest deliberative body" has been reduced to? A senator, starved for attention, scolding United Parcel Service for missing scheduled deliveries due to unforeseen acts of God, combined with a surge of last-minute shoppers trying to get packages delivered.
A perfect storm? Maybe. Something the U.S. Senate, or a Senator, should be concerning themselves with? He's got to be kidding, right?
This is the mentality that the liberals want the American public to adopt.  For every problem, big or small, they want you to turn to the government. It's why idiots call 911 at midnight to complain that McDonalds won't serve them chicken nuggets. Government has successfully fostered a dependent mentality in intergenerational low income families. They look to government for everything - food, shelter, money, phone, and even chicken nuggets.
The UPS's missed deliveries provides an even bigger opportunity for the liberals and statists. Americans who don't normally fall into the traditional dependent classes liberals like to exploit,  the middle and upper income brackets, were also caught up in this. What better way to attempt to pull them into, maybe not the dependent fold, but to be more sympathetic to the idea that government really "cares".
So Senator Blumenthal is out there screaming that UPS, Amazon - private companies - need to "do the right thing", and give refunds to their customers for not giving on-time deliveries. We already know that the missed deliveries are a PR nightmare for UPS and Amazon. How is he so sure that they aren't already planning some sort of refund or other incentive to customers to satisfy them?  He doesn't.  This is just political grandstanding.
Another thing that no one I have heard mention is what responsibility some of the customers may have in some of this.  Should customers accept some to the responsibility for waiting until the last minute to mail presents off?  Maybe they should have not procrastinated.  Or, God forbid(!), they could have phoned the affected friends or relatives to inform them that their present might not get there in time for Christmas morning, or maybe telling them that on the bright side, it just extends their joy. Hell, I don't know.  Take some responsibility, will ya?
I know.  I'm a terrible person, probably even a grinch, just for mentioning that people might even share in a little of the responsibility in how everything happened.
And why is a U.S. Senator involved in this for Christ's sake? This guy is a Senator! He, supposedly, represents the interests of his State of Connecticut. Not individuals. The State.  There are people called "Representatives" who represent the People.  Not that their Representatives should get involved in this either. How does John or Joan Q. Citizen not getting their delivery fall under his purview? They don't.  But that doesn't matter.  What matters is the perception that he cares.
Meanwhile, on January 1st, every person in his state, and every other one as well, is going to be hit with a barrage of new taxes as ObamaCare starts to really kick in, not to mention the outrageous deductibles people are getting hit with before benefits are even payed out. Of course this only includes the people who haven't been kicked off their plans (the ones we all were supposed to be able to keep) and who fortunately still have their health insurance, or the few who have been able to sign up through the exchanges.
While Blumenthal is stroking you with his feigned Christmas spirit, sympathizing that your presents didn't arrive on time, he is silent on the fact that you're about to get a significant tax increase on January 1st. I guess his caring, like most liberals, only extends so far.
Happy New Year!

Sen. Richard Blumenthal: UPS owes customers refunds for late Christmas packages

A rash of bad weather and a rush of last-minute online orders caught postal and package delivery...
Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling on United Parcel Service to refund customers who sent packages and gifts that failed to reach their destinations before Christmas.
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