Fair or Flat Tax? Until A Constitutional Amendment Prevents Taxing Income Directly, Fair Tax Is NOT an Option

A sobering look at how the tax system in the United States has become more complex as the power seized by the Federal government for itself has grown.
Never has the need for a debate on the Fair (national sales tax) or flat tax been greater.
Before screaming that the Fair Tax is the only way to go, certain things need to happen before we all jump on the bandwagon. An all or nothing approach is not the way to go.
First is that a Constitutional Amendment needs to be passed and ratified by the states, repealing the 16th Amendment AND preventing Congress from DIRECTLY taxing income, or we will end up with both an income and a national sales tax.  However, a flat tax could be enacted in the short term until the Constitutional Amendment can be passed. But, as Dan Mitchell points out in the video (below), if the Fair Tax does NOT get ratified, we still have a flat tax in place.  We can still continue to build support for a Fair Tax Amendment, but we aren't stuck with the current progressive system we now have.
Just a thought.
How can a debate on a Fair or Flat Tax NOT be considered?

This Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation brief video (below) explains how the current tax system is deeply flawed and argues that either the flat tax or the national sales tax (sometimes known as the Fair Tax) would be a substantial improvement over the current internal revenue code. However, the video warns that a sales tax should only be adopted if the Constitution is amended to prevent politicians from imposing both an income tax and sales tax, similar to what happened in Europe. For more information please visit the CF&P Foundation's web site: www.freedomandprosperity.org


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