Liar Wasserman-Schultz Says Christie Not A "Straight Shooter"

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz told CNN's Don Lemon that Chris Christie is "not the straight shooter he claimed to be" following the release of e-mails appearing to show that members of Christie's staff ordered three lanes of the George Washington Bridge be closed, snarling traffic, as political retribution against the Democrat mayor of a New Jersey town.
Little Debbie also claimed that Christie was being evasive, and not forthcoming about the events. Don Lemon, to his credit, wasn't letting Wasserman-Schultz off that easily, pointing out that she is quick to take Obama, who has been embroiled in a number of scandals, at his word. “He didn’t know about the NSA spying on allies, he didn’t know about the Obamacare website, he didn’t know that you wouldn’t be able to keep your doctor, so what’s the difference between Christie not knowing and the president not knowing?”
Wasserman-Schultz, who judging by her shifting in her seat, and her body language was clearly prepared to get a free pass from CNN, laughably retorted, "The difference is the issues that President Obama said he didn’t know about were policy issues. This is a scandal!"

I am not a flag waver for Chris Christie and his GOP establishment ways.  In fact, I believe if he is the GOP nominee for President in 2016, it is going to be a disaster of monumental proportions for both the Republican's and the country.
To conclude, I find it more than a little humorous that DWS has the hubris to tackle the forthrightness of anyone, given her track record of lies, race-baiting, and deceit to the American people. (Video and video links of DWS's greatest hits below) 

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