Obama Concedes Middle East To Al Qaeda and Iran

Posted by Brian

From the country that said it wants to "wipe Israel off the face of the Earth", and that their nuclear program was only one of "energy , Iran now says it "needs a nuclear bomb to put Israel in its place".
Obama has successfully signaled to everyone in the Middle East that the U.S is pulling out of the region and abandoning our ally Israel.  You can bet your butt that China is keeping a close eye on this as well.

Al Qaeda, whom Obama lied to us about during the 2012 campaign, telling us they were decimated and no longer a threat, are popping up all over Northern and East Africa like McDonalds franchises.  Al Qaeda has taken back Fallujah in Iraq and is in the process of de-stabilizing that country, which you can bet Iran keeping a very close eye on.

I'd say that Obama is the new Neville Chamberlain, but Chamberlain was simply a naive, leftist idiot.
Obama, I believe, knows exactly what he's doing.

He said he wanted to "fundamentally change" this country and he's doing it. He's weakening us economically (you didn't really buy all of the "focused like a laser" on jobs and the economy bit did you?).  He's hollowing our our military both manpower-wise and morale-wise. He has just put a new Fed Chair In place who is on record as saying there need to be even more QE in the money supply, which will have the effect of weakening the Dollar on the international exchange.

Obama has said that America has been "arrogant and dismissive" of Europe and other countries, so he is unilaterally weakening us and walking us away from our role as a world leader, a role that the U.S. has reluctantly, but has effectively been in since WWII.  Prior to WWII, it was England who was the world leader who chose to walk away from it's role, and Adolph Hitler was only to happy to fill the power vacuum in Europe, wile Japan attempted to fill that void in the Pacific and Far East.

The only question now is who will fill that vacuum today?  Will it be The Ayatollahs in Iran,  ushering in a new Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East, Europe and Africa? Will the Russians or China try to fill it?  We don't know. But one thing is certain - one or several will attempt to be the top dog, which could lead us into a new World War.

So I guess congratulations are in order. Iran will get the Bomb, the U.S. will no longer be a Superpower, or even a force economically, militarily or morally.  We'll fall into a supporting role like all of the rest of the second-fiddles out there.

Well played Obama. Just as you designed it.
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