MSNBC's Harris-Perry's Revisionism: Thanksgiving About "Violence, Disease, and Land Theft"

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For those who watch MSNBC, and were unfortunate enough to watch Melissa Harris-Perry's Thanksgiving send-off, you got a lesson into the kind of crap that is also being taught to kids from elementary through college age.
Keep in mind that Harris-Perry in not only an MSNBC anchor, but is a political science professor at Tulane, She also travels the country doing speaking engagements, poisoning the minds of students with her anti-American and racist BS from coast to coast.
This is a person who sees most things through a racial lens.  The attacks on the World Trade Center?  "It gave whites an "imagined racial enemy." When support among liberals was waning for President Obama, she blamed it on electoral racism".  Voter ID? Racism, of course.  Therefore it is no surprise that she sees the first Thanksgiving as nothing more than the raping and pillaging of the Indians, and little else.  After all, the Pilgrims were white. They were racist simply by virtue of their skin color.  I'm racist just for writing this.
For a true story the first Thanksgiving, I recommend reading "Of Plymouth Plantation", written by William Bradford, the 2nd governor of the original Plymouth Plantation.  This text is widely regarded as the most comprehensive account of the original pilgrims and of the first Thanksgiving., and gives a historically accurate account of that time, in contrast to Harris-Perry's racist historical revisionism.

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