PC Bigotry: Parents Lose Three Foster Children Over Political Party Affiliation

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Foster parents 'stigmatised and slandered’ for being members of Ukip 
A couple had their three foster children taken away by a council on the grounds that their membership of the UK Independence Party meant that they supported “racist” policies.
Liberal's characterization of conservatives mirrors their own policies

By Sam Marsden10:00PM GMT 23 Nov 2012

The husband and wife, who have been fostering for nearly seven years, said they were made to feel like criminals when a social worker told them that their views on immigration made them unsuitable carers.

The couple said they feared that there was a black mark against their name and they would not be able to foster again.

Campaigners representing foster parents have described the decision as “ridiculous” and warned that it could deter other prospective foster parents from volunteering.

Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, described the actions of Rotherham borough council as “a bloody outrage” and “political prejudice of the very worst kind”.

Tim Loughton, the former children’s minister, said: “I will be very concerned if decisions have been made about the children’s future that were based on misguided political correctness around ethnic considerations.
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Video of Nigel Farage of the UKip, the conservative wing of British politics.

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