With Fiscal Cliff Looming, California Steps On Gas, Implements Cap-and-Trade

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You're driving down a barren stretch of road.  Signs tell you to turn around, that the road ends at a cliff.  You slow down and turn around, right?  Not if you're Governor Jerry Brown and an overwhelmingly Democrat State House.  You ignore the signs and press the gas pedal to the floor.

That is what the Governor Brown and the Democrats are doing to an anemic California economy.  With some of the highest unemployment rates, record numbers of people on food stamps and welfare, while businesses and entrepreneurs like billionaire Steve Woszniak fleeing the state, California lawmakers are implementing a Cap-and-Trade law that will put the air brakes on an economy already struggling.

California has literally hundreds of towns and cities with unemployment above 13%, and over 20 California cities above 30%!

Cap-and-Trade will continue the downward spiral of a once-great state, and lead to a mass exodus of both small business and an already fiscally devastated population.

by BEN SHAPIRO  13 Nov 2012

Beginning Wednesday, the state of California will implement a “cap and trade” system designed to curb carbon emissions and cripple the state’s economy. Well, actually, it’s just designed to curb carbon emissions. Crippling the state economy is merely a nifty byproduct.
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