First Benghazi, Now Sandy. Obama Blows Two Crisis To Prove Leadership

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To Barack Obama, one of the most vocal critics of the Bush Administration in the wake of Hurricane Katrina: Congratulations!  You are making the Bush response to Katrina look like it was a well-oiled machine.
New Yorker's "dumpster-diving" for food
FEMA, the Red Cross, $6 gasoline, 70's era gas lines, people dumpster diving for food.  To make matters worse, it's all happening in the liberal Shangri-La of New York.  Isn't this liberalism's time to shine? To prove the marvelous advantages of the efficiency of Big Government?
For all of his criticism of Bush, Obama's lone stop in New Jersey, which played as more of a campaign stop with Governor Chris Christie, only served to illustrate the inefficiency of the Big Government that he espouses. He spoke of removing all of the "red tape" to get things up and running quickly, which only highlighted the built-in inefficiencies of a bloated government standing in the way of America's citizens each and every day.
Tempers flare as NY'ers stand in line for $6 gas

First, the "three AM call on Benghazi. An utter failure! So much so, that Benghazi, over 7 weeks after the attack, the Obama teams' response and explanations of what happened are keeping the story very much alive, just days before the election, calling into question Obama's competence as a Commander in Chief. No Barry, wearing the CIC jacket doesn't make you seem more competent.  It only highlights all of the unanswered questions and lies that have been posited by you, and your spokesmen.
Then comes Sandy.  Three days after the storm, which was devastating, people are still waiting on basic services to be restored, and groups such as FEMA and the Red Cross to show up.  FEMA? Wait!  I figured that Obama would have FEMA personnel crawling all over the storm-ravaged area with blankets, food, water, setting up electrical generators, and providing other basic services in the first hours after the storm. Guess not.
NY: People stand in line for hours too get 1-2 gal.s of gas
Liberal Mayor Michael Bloomberg is just as clueless.  First, his city sends utility workers from Decatur, Alabama home because they were non-union! Then, until an outraged public forced him to cancel, 'Bloomturd' was diverting power generators to the route for the NYC Marathon!  Priorities, mayor.  Hey, but at least you succeeded in providing your next opponent with yet another issue to illustrate your idiocy.
Latest death toll from Sandy is 102
The prize goes to Obama though.  He was handed not one, but two opportunities to illustrate his leadership, strength , and calm certainty during times of crisis, and he failed miserably in both cases.
More than anything else during this campaign, including the debates, Obama has proven to everybody that even after four years in office, he is as ill-prepared to lead the United States than the day he took the oath.

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