And So It Begins! Boehner Is First To Blink On Raising Taxes

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Hang on to your wallets!  Just hours after stating that "voters said 'no' to raising taxes", the perma-tanned and limp-wristed Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is indicating that he would go along with raising taxes "under the right conditions".  And what will those "conditions" be Speaker Boehner?   Better treatment by the press? Free tanning sessions? Maybe Obama will say "please".
Unfortunately, now that some godd conservatives were defeated yesterday (Allen West and Mia Love), the number of principled conservatives in the House has decreased, and we will continue to have a rudderless leadership team to fight a vile and vicious Democrat machine. You can say whatever you want about Nancy Pelosy, Steny Hoyer, and the others on the Democrat side, the fact is, they refuse to veer from their message and agenda. Boehner, on the other hand, is the battered wife who perpetually forgives his batterer, only to go back to get the crap beat out of himself again.
God help us!

Boehner Would Accept New Revenue Under ‘Right Conditions’
By Roxana Tiron and Richard Rubin - Nov 7, 2012 12:31 PM PT

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said Republicans would be willing to accept new tax revenue to reduce the nation’s budget deficit if it’s accompanied by a tax overhaul and changes to entitlement programs.

Speaking in Washington a day after President Barack Obama’s re-election, Boehner of Ohio said all sides are “closer than many think” to being able to revise the tax code.
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