Obama Admin Redistributes $900K To Launch Womens' Jobs Program...in Peru and El Salvador

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As women suffer the greatest under the Obama Administration in terms of jobs growth, being the only group to lag behind population growth, Hillary Clinton announced the U.S. is sending $900K for a pilot program to help women in Peru and El Salvador start businesses.
This is nothing more than a reflection of Obama's anti-Colonial belief that the U.S. has been fundamentally unfair to other countries around the world, and is but one more payoff to redistribute U.S. dollars to another of those countries that he believes we have screwed. Call it income redistribution or reparations - to Obama it is all the same.
Meanwhile, here at home, as Obama and the Democrats continue to pound a GOP 'War On Women' meme, women have fallen behind every other group in job gains during his administration.

U.S. Spending $900,000 to Help Women Start Businesses--in Peru and El Salvador
By Pete Winn November 5, 2012

(CNSNews.com) - The U.S. is spending $900,000 to help women start businesses and create jobs--in Peru and El Salvador.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the new Women's Entrepreneurship Trust Fund last month on visit to the Peruvian capital of Lima.

“The United States is making an initial contribution of $900,000 to launch pilot programs here in Peru and in El Salvador,” Clinton said on October 16.
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