Pelosi: We Still Have The Gavel. Uh, We Don't Have the Gavel. Ah, hell...Who Wants A Mai Tai! .

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Nancy Pelosi made an apparent slip of the tongue in proclaiming, "but we still have the gavel" yesterday, a reference to the Dems controlling of the House of Representatives, which is currently held by Republicans.
The thing is, I think that Nancy Pelosi is delusional enough, that in her mind, she still is the Speaker of the House! And who knows? With Speaker John Boehner off crying in the corner, Pelosi may in fact hold the real power.

Oops: Pelosi Forgets She Doesn’t Hold the Gavel Any More
By Susan Jones November 14, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – Hailing the “record number of women” elected to the U.S. Congress last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told a news conference Wednesday, "As you look forward, understand that you are looking into the future – the future of the empowerment of women in America."
Standing with her "sisters," Pelosi noted, "I said yesterday, we do not have the majority—but we have the gavel. (Pause) Excuse me. We don’t have the gavel.”(Laughter) “We don’t have – we have our own gavel!,” she said
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