Beyonce': Jay-Z's Ho Tweets "Take That Mitches"

Posted by Brian

So these leftists want to get down in the mud, even in victory? Fine. The gloves are off.

Beyonce', who usually leaves it to her husband Jay-Z to come off the top rope with some bullshit racist or vulgar comment about Republicans/conservatives, couldn't resist tweeting out the following after the results came out last night:


I guess this is in keeping with Obama's "get in their faces" command to his supporters.  Like all good slaves on the plantation, she was only following orders.
Beyonce's image is that of some nice, above the fray performer, in contrast to her openly racist husband, who had a "no-whites" policy at a party he threw in London. But, lets be honest. Does anybody really think she would be with this horse's ass known as Jay Z, or hang out with the equally racist Kanye West, if she didn't buy into the same racist, black-power crap that they do.  She's no different than a New Black Panther with a fat ass stuffed into a sequined dress.

Do us all a favor Beyonce'.   Shut up and sing!  Not that I'll be buying any of your "music" in the future.
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