TSA Exposes Teens Breasts During "Pat-down"

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How much longer are Americans going to continue to be compliant with these TSA "pat-downs"? From exposing fliers' breasts, checking afro hair-do's for explosives, or feeling up toddlers in wheelchairs, the over-reaching methods of the TSA are not only invasive, but their effectiveness is questionable, and sometimes criminal.  Despite these so-called measures to prevent potential hijackers from bringing aboard weapons or explosives, some passengers have been able to bring aboard knives, and loaded guns.
The problem may be that TSA personnel are ill-trained.  Not about what to look for, but who to look for.  Yes, this means profiling.  Not profiling by race or attire, as opponents claim, but profiling by behavior.  The Israeli's have pretty much made a science of this, but due to the outright hostility of many in the DOJ and the State Department toward our friends in the Middle East, I have serious doubts about them collaborating with the Israeli's to train our TSA on their methods, proven to be effective, and less invasive over a span of four decades.
Instead we'll continue to tolerate this type of behavior from the TSA and some of its incompetent, and in some cases, corrupt agents.

TSA Earns Congressman’s Ire after Exposing his Grand-Niece’s Breasts

We all know the TSA goes too far. Who hasn’t heard a story about some elderly man having his walker probed for explosives or some “suspicious looking” teen invasively searched? When it happens to the relative of a politician, they finally get put in their place. Or that’s the hope. Texas House of Representative Ralph Hall’s grandniece was given an intense pat down in which her sundress snapped open, exposing her breasts to other travelers. The 17-year-old, who was going to Australia with fellow students of Southwest Christian School, was mollified, and her Grand Uncle is livid.
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