Pelosi: 'We Don't Really Have Much of A Connection' With Occupy

It appears that Nancy Pelosi is off of her meds again. This stuttering fool meanders through this answer, aimlessly searching for a cogent thought, spouting the worn Democrat talking points that the Tea Party is a "wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party". Meanwhile she claims that Democrats do not have "much of a connection" with Occupy Wall Street. Her argument is so convoluted that it is obvious, as she trips over her own words, that even she doesn't believe the crap that is spewing out of her commodious pie hole.
Saying the Tea Party is an arm of the GOP is about as ridiculous as it gets. The GOP power structure has been actively trying to marginalize the Tea Party and limit their influence. While they used the Tea Party to help regain power in the House of Representatives, and to sweep to victory in hundreds of state races in 2010, the leadership has been actively attempting to co-opt Tea Party candidates into falling in line with the status quo of the GOP moderate leadership, with far too much success.
On the flip side of Pelosi's delusional statement, Dems wholly embraced the Occupy movement at the outset (see video below), before news reports started showing some of these miscreants spouting Marxist doctrine, defecating in public, and reports of rape and sexual assaults. Now she wants to walk it back as Americans have overwhelmingly rejected the message and tactics of these ne'er-do-wells.
As inept as John Boehner is, Nancy Pelosi is far and away the dumbest person to ever hold the title of Speaker of the House.

Montage of Dems Supporting OWS, its tactics, and it goals:

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