Out-of-Touch Obama To Inconvenience Thousands With Magic Kingdom Speech

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Imagine months of planning to take your family on a trip to Disney World. If you are like my family, especially my wife, you may have even spent hours ahead of time to map out your day to maximize your experience - which rides or exhibits to go to first, when and where you will eat, and the times and places which are best to meet all the Disney characters, only to have your plans blown to hell by a President who wants to use the Magic Kingdom as a photo-op background for a tourism and travel speech during park hours. I suppose that you could use the opportunity to take your children to actually see the President of the United States. Surprise! That won't work either. The President and his staff have made this an invitation-only event. In addition, you can't make up the hours because the park is also canceling their "extra magic hours" and delaying their "Celebrate A Dream Come True" parade, which is sure to make the parade more of a nightmare than a dream for those parents whose children have hit their meltdown point.

One more illustration of "King" Obama not giving a damn about the his "subjects". It's all about him.

President Obama to speak at Walt Disney World

By Adam Longo and Jason Wheeler, Team Coverage
Last Updated: Thursday, January 19, 2012 12:11 AM

President Barack Obama will visit Walt Disney World on his planned Orlando trip Thursday.

A White House official said:
On Thursday, the President will travel to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where he’ll unveil a strategy that will significantly help boost tourism and travel, an important sector in the U.S. economy. The action will be taken as part of the President’s “We Can’t Wait” agenda of executive actions that will aid job growth and don’t require congressional approval.
Many in the tourism industry across the country have been pushing for easier travel visas for tourists from Brazil, China and India so that could be part of his announcement.
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