BIAS ALERT: Reporter on MSNBC Calls N. FLA Counties "Cracker" Counties

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h/t to The Rush Limbaugh Show

Cracker: 5US offensiveanother term for poor white
Oxford English Dictionary

Can you imagine the outrage, the sheer apoplectic fits, that the media would be having if a conservative commentator or, God forbid, a Fox News anchor were to use the term "cracker" to paint white voters, or predominantly white counties with? He may as well as called the voters in N. Florida white trash, or trailer trash. You know - conservatives. The casualness with which it rolled off his tongue, and the lack of any reaction from the others in the segment is also telling. Apparently, it is a term all of them a familiar and comfortable with.
Remember the outrage over George Allen calling an Indian man "macaca", which by the way, is not in the Oxford English Dictionary? The media, and some in the Democrat Party, were sure that is was a racial slur, and used the stretch to say that he was calling the man a Macaque (ma kak'), a type of monkey. The charge sank Allen's run for VA Governor.
A reporter calling voters "crackers" will get virtually no play in the media. It's just instructional to see these buffoons display their hypocrisy right before our eyes. It also shows how they view the 40% of self professed conservative people in the country.

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