The Ron Paul Two-Step On Earmarks

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Ron Paul says he has never voted for an earmark? Here are figures for just 2010:
      Name                           ST     #      Total Cost        Solo    Solo Cost

Ron Paul (R-Texas)TX15$17,113,0006$1,900,000
Source: OpenSecrets.org

The Hypocrisy of Congressman Ron Paul

Ron Paul has rarely been on my radar. Sure there were the anti-black/ anti-Semitic Newsletters which were published under his name (which he claimed he never read). And yes there were those really whacko public statements like; the federal reserve was behind Watergate, that Lincoln was wrong to push us into a Civil War over slavery, or his assertion that condemning the HAMAS terrorist rocket attacks promotes violence. But those items only suggest that the Texas Republican Congressman is a bigot as well as a bit of a lunatic, which not bad by today’s congressional standards.
Ron Paul is believed to be a “fiscal conservative” and if you ask him he will tell you that he has never voted for an earmark. That statement is 100% correct. What Paul does is to make sure that the earmarks he wants are put into a bill, and then he votes against the bill (my emphasis). Its the best of all possible worlds. He gets to bring home the bacon on a local basis and makes the anti-earmark claim on a national basis.
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