Probe reveals Obama, Holder, ACORN connection to voting "enforcement"

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Law Enforcement Examiner   January 23, 2012

"Where law ends, tyranny begins." - President James Monroe
This week, a leading public-interest organization that investigates and fights government corruption, announced that it has received additional documents about meetings held between Estelle Rogers, Director of Advocacy for the ACORN-affiliated organization Project Vote, and officials from both the Obama White House and the Attorney General Eric Holder's Department of Justice (DOJ).
Of particular interest is the use of the Justice Department to stop the individual states from passing legislation -- of defeating already passed laws -- that requires voter identification.
The group many insiders call Obama's worst nightmare -- Judicial Watch -- is investigating the extent to which Project Vote, which once employed Barack Obama as an organizer in Chicago, has been working with the Obama administration to use voter registration laws to register greater numbers of low-income voters, widely considered to be an important voting demographic for the Obama presidential campaign.
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