Romney Praises Ted Kennedy At RomneyCare Bill Signing

h/t to The Mark Levin Show
Mitt Romney with Ted Kennedy behind him at RomneyCare signing ceremony

For the Mitt Romney campaign the 'elephant in the room' has always been his RomneyCare health care mandate in Massachusetts. Though Romney has today's Florida vote locked up, this issue is going to become a larger issue in some of the red states, up to and through Super Tuesday on March 6th. Rick Santorum  brilliantly, and skillfully exposed Romney's problem with RomneyCare at the last debate (see video below). Romney was unable to put up a credible defense of his plan, and eventually his defense of RomneyCare showed that it is effectively identical to ObamaCare.
Now we have even the uber-liberal Mother Jones pointing out the problem that Mitt Romney is going to have with this issue.

VIDEO: Mitt Heaps Praise on Romneycare "Parent" Ted Kennedy
The GOP front-runner is doing his best to sidestep the health care reform landmine. This video sure won't help.
—By David Corn | Wed Oct. 12, 2011 2:00 AM PDT

It's no secret that Mitt Romney has an albatross around his neck: Romneycare, the Massachusetts health care overhaul he enacted while governor of the Bay State. The plan, which included a mandate compelling state residents to obtain health insurance, was a model in part for President Barack Obama's health care reform, which is much-despised by conservatives and Republican voters.
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Rick Santorum Destroys Mitt Romney on RomneyCare

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