Mad As A Hatter: Obama Throws Lavish Tea Party While Criticizing Corporate Fetes

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Back in 2009 Barack was in full demonization mode about the amount of money being spent by corporations wining and dining potential clients and high performing employees. Yet, at the same time the Obama's were throwing lavish parties at the White House which included guests such at Stevie Wonder, The Jonas Brothers, and a Broadway cast. One of these to-dos was so over the top that the American people are just now hearing about it. A Tim Burton soiree, in which he had full creative license to transform a portion of the White House into an Alice In Wonderland fantasy tea party, complete with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. A couple of things strike me about this:
One is the utter hypocrisy of Obama in throwing these parties while the economy was going in the tank. At least the corporations in question were using their own money to throw their parties. These getaways are (or were) common practice as a means of fostering relations with clients, and potential clients, to land multi-million dollar deals. The Obama parties are paid for by taxpayer dollars, simply for the benefits of Barack Obama, with no return on investment.  It's a slap in the face to taxpayers, many who are struggling to make ends meet while the Obama's are busing in top-tier entertainment.
The second thing that struck me about this is that the media had to have willfully held this story for nearly three years with the full knowledge of the negative reaction t would get from the public. This is media malpractice at it's worst. It certainly serves to illustrate the lengths the mainstream media will go to to protect Obama and his image. Any pretense of being unbiased is completely exposed.  To go to this length to hide this garish party in the People's house leaves no doubt to the type of "reporting" we are going to get during the election season. We already know that the stories are going to be overwhelmingly pro-Obama, and that any positive coverage of a GOP candidate by the media should be immediately suspect. Essentially, if the media hates a GOP candidate, it is not because the candidate is unelectable, but precisely the opposite - because they can beat Obama.


A forthcoming book about the president and first lady reveals that they threw a lavish “Alice in Wonderland”-themed Halloween bash featuring actor Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton, the New York Post reported.
“The Obamas” — written by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor and set to be published Tuesday — details the whimsical affair, which coincided with the release of Burton’s Disney film that starred Depp as the colorful Mad Hatter.

It took place in 2009, the Obamas’ first Halloween in the White House, and came at a time when the unemployment rate was at a high of 10.1 percent. Depp, in full costume, greeted guests from atop a table.
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