TX Student: School's "Mandatory" RFID Tracking Chip Unconstitutional

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Andrea Hernandez, a Texas high school student, is challenging the constitutionality of a "mandatory" requirement that all students must wear a student badge with an embedded RFID chip.
The school district claims it is for the "safety" of the students, as well as for "attendance" purposes.
The school may be partially honest in their claims about attendance being one of the primary purposes.  Most school districts receive funds based on the number of students attending school on any given day.
The truth is probably that the school is trying to ensure that they get every cent that they are due, based on attendance, and that one of the real reason for the RFID has everything to do with money, and little to do with safety.
Another more insidious reason may be to "train" students to be more blindly compliant to authority, i.e. the government. As Miss Hernandez point out, correctly, the RFID chip does not "turn off" after they leave the campus, and students may be susceptible to predators.
A judge has issued a temporary restraining order, saying that the "mandatory" requirement by the principal is a violation of speech and freedom of religion.

Posted on November 23, 2012 at 5:56pm by Mytheos Holt

The idea of being tracked wherever one goes by a government computer chip may sound like something out of Science Fiction dystopia films like “V for Vendetta” or “Total Recall,” but apparently, it’s actually happening. And at least one Texas high school student has embarked on a mission to stop it.
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