Teachers Descend On University Conferences For "Marxist Training"

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Teachers flock to Northwestern University and University of Wisconsin-Madison for training in Marxism!

Teachers, many of whom actually do feel a calling to educate our children, as well as provide safe learning environments, are the people we trust them with for about a third of each day.  Unfortunately, the teachers unions have been hijacked by far-left Marxist goons, and through the unions and the universities, are providing Marxist revolutionary training to teachers and others.
These individuals are not being trained to educate, but to re-educate our children, and embrace a marxist future, not only for the United States, but internationally.

They use bullying tactics, both physical and mental, mocking their perceived foes, are dismissive, rude, and generally juvenile...and dangerous.
Eventually their "peaceful" methods will give way to more violent forms of intimidation.  It is inevitable. History has shown us who they are and how they operate.
Many of them are useful idiots for the leaders of these movements. Blinded by promises of a utopian workers "paradise", "fairness", and working for the "common good", they become intellectually vacant,.  They become incapable of critical thinking, and are simply followers of their benevolent leaders. Unsatisfied with their perceived lot in life, and convinced that unfairness is at the root of all of their problems, they become foot soldiers for a movement which will lead to the eventual destruction of many of them.
If the communists were to gain control here in the U.S., many of these so-called party loyalists would no longer be found to be loyal enough. As with the "purges" in the aftermath of all revolutions, and as these useful idiots realize too late that their utopian fantasies are a lie, they are no longer "useful", and in fact pose a threat to those they helped put in power, and are summarily eliminated.
This is not some spontaneous thing. The Communists are feeling that with the reelection of Barack Obama, now is their time to go full steam ahead on "fundamentally changing" the United States.
Be vigilant.

by REBEL PUNDIT  12 Nov 2012

This Saturday, the Midwest Marxist Conference was held at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. The event was teeming with teachers who spoke about the new found bond between the radical socialists and their Teachers Union. The all-day event, which collected money to support Chicago Socialists and featured a communist bookstore, provided students on-campus along with the radical left community to plan the next phase in their activism.

Becca Barnes, a Chicago Teachers Union teacher and organizer with Chicago Socialists, proclaimed at the beginning of the conference that “the struggle here in the United States has entered a new phase. Nowhere have we pointed the way forward more clearly than here in Chicago with the teachers union strike.”

After the opening plenary, breakout sessions addressed more specific topics like the history of the Democratic party, education, and case studies in Russia. In these sessions, speakers continued to celebrate the use of education as a mechanism to insert Marxism into public institutions. In one session, the idea of targeting their message to students, even over “the working class,” was debated.
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