"Insulted" Florida Dems Leave Wasserman-Schultz, Voting For Harrington

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For constituents of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, her serial lying, condescension, and campaign of winning by any means necessary, is proving too much for many of her most ardent supporters. Her lying, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, is having the effect of  driving supporters to her opponent, Karen Harrington.  Die-hard ideologues can forgive a lot during the heat of a political campaign, but when you are made by someone like Piers Morgan to look foolish on national television, and you insult the intelligence of people by covering up lies with more lies, your days are numbered.  Such may be the case with DWS, as people who previously supported her wholeheartedly, are now leaving her in droves.
Aside from seeing Barack Obama defeated on November 6th, saying goodbye to the despicable Wasserman-Schultz would be just as satisfying.

Wasserman Schultz Worries About Re-election as Democrats Drop Their Support
by Javier Manjarres

Early voting has begun in Florida and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is expressing nervousness about the prospects for her re-election in her congressional race against Republican Karen Harrington.

This past Saturday, Wasserman Schultz personally lambasted a longtime Democrat supporter from Miami-Dade County who was caught talking to Harrington.  This same individual further annoyed Wasserman Schultz by refusing to display a “Wasserman Schultz for Congress” sign and then told Debbie that he had already voted for Harrington instead of her.  This longtime Democrat leader, who shall remain anonymous for purposes of this report, indicated that he was disgusted and said that had never been so insulted in his life.

On Sunday, the Shark Tank visited one of the strongest Democrat precincts in Congressional District 23- the City of Hollywood’s main public library- and in speaking to Democrats waiting in line as wells as those who just voted, many of them said that they voted for Harrington over Wasserman Schultz.
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