Chicago Teacher Union Marches With Marxist Organizations On Veteran's Day

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That the Marxists have infiltrated the unions and the educational system is by now a known fact to those who pay any attention at all to this kind of stuff.  But to many Americans, this is just conspiracy nut talk.  Why wouldn't it be?  The media actively suppresses any mention of what groups are involved in "teachers" strikes, protests, and "learning conferences".
Listen to the NBC reporter speaking of a recent march in Chicago, and the story is of "teachers and parents" marching for "better contracts" and "looming school closures".  Nowhere in the story is it mentioned that there were barely any teachers participating in the march, and that the vast majority of the marchers were actually from the International Socialist Organization, members of ANSWER, and other Marxist groups.  It was also omitted that this march took place the weekend after the International Socialist Organization Midwest Marxism Conference , a "training" forum for teachers held at Northwestern University.
Amazingly, or maybe not so amazing, is that the reporter was virtually uninterested in this back story to the march.
Of course, I'm just a right-wing McCarthyite trying to bring back the "Red Scare" of the '50's. Move along.  Nothing to see here.

by REBEL PUNDIT  14 Nov 2012, 4:03 AM PDT

On Saturday, Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey participated in the International Socialist Organization Midwest Marxism Conference at Northwestern University. Much of the conference focused on the successful intervention and assistance by the ISO to the Chicago Teachers Union during the recent strike this fall.

On Monday Jesse Sharkey and the members of the International Socialist Organization and Party for Socialism and Liberation, along with Action Now (the new ACORN), lead a protest march in downtown Chicago. After Mr. Sharkey refused to answer any questions regarding his participation in the event, I asked NBC 5 Chicago's Charlie Wojciechowski, if he would question the CTU VP at the socialist lead teachers march.
Story and More Video Here

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