Obama EPA Pick Gina McCarthy a Leftist in GOP Clothing

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 Obama's pick to head EPA, Gina McCarthy
President Obama's pick of Gina McCarthy to replace Lisa Jackson to head the Environmental Protection Agency is, as political strategy, a cunning move.  McCarthy has all of the ideological values on the environment of Obama, along with ties to some of the more prominent names in the GOP. How do I know that she is a left-wing environmental hack? Enviro-wackos absolutely love this pick.

The Wall Street Journal notes that McCarthy has been a "willful regulator" as one of Lisa Jackson's top lieutenants at the EPA, saying "Ms. McCarthy has been integral in abusing laws that were written decades ago in order to achieve climate goals that Congress has rejected, all with little or no political debate. Someone should ask her about her antidemocratic politics at her confirmation hearings."

Her penchant for legislating from her desk at the EPA is perfectly in line with Obama's "if Congress won't act" on Cap and Tax, "I will".  Obama using Executive Orders to bypass Congress, or the EPA issuing new regulations (laws) is a distinction without much difference.  The goal is to ram through as much regulation as possible without any debate.  

San Joaquin Valley, California
The long-term effects and unintended consequences are of no concern to these far-left enviro-wackos.  Just as the protection of the non-native "delta smelt" in California's agricultural San Joaquin Valley has devastated farmers' ability to get enough water to irrigate their crops, creating a man-made dustbowl, the affect that the EPA's edicts will have on the energy industry are of little to no concern to them.
Water protest - San Joaquin Valley, CA

The problem for the GOP is that McCarthy has ties to one of the main movers and shakers in the establishment-side of the Party.  McCarthy was an appointee of then Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.  The Romney that gave the Bay State RomneyCare, which became the blueprint for ObamaCare, also appointed a left-wing environmentalist as his "Green Quarterback" on environmental isssues.

With Rino's currently holding the power in the GOP, it is unlikely that anything other than another rubber stamp approval of Obama's nominee will happen (think of the Elena Kagan SCOTUS confirmation lovefest), putting another far-left ideologue in charge of the EPA to replace the outgoing socialist Jackson.

McCarthy's bona fides include "requiring all new power plants to emit less than half" the amount of so-called greenhouse gasses "of what the average facility currently churns out", effectively eliminating the building of any new coal-fired plants at a time that our nation's aging energy infrastructure requires additional cost-effective energy production.  Under the new laws, even the most efficient coal plant exceeds the new requirements by 80%, while cleaner burning natural gas plants barely meet the 1000 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour limit imposed by McCarthy's office.  Nuclear plants can easily meet the requirement, but radical environmentalists place legal roadblocks in the way of every attempt to build a new reactor.

In addition, McCarthy has "mislead" Congress (that's lied in non-politico speech) about the link between fuel efficiency standards and "greenhouse gas" emissions from motor vehicles.  She'll fit in well with the self-proclaimed "most transparent administration in history".

With the exceedingly clueless, big government RINO's controlling the GOP, Gina McCarthy is virtually assured of confirmation. This clears the way for Obama to further his radical agenda, using the EPA as a tool to further weaken the U.S. economy, driving us further down the road to the leftist socialist utopia.

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