Did you know that a  living healthy person can donate a portion of their liver to someone who needs a liver transplant?  You might also be surprised to know that after such a life saving transplant...the donor's liver and the recipient's new piece of liver actually grows back and regenerates to about 95% of the donor liver's original size in about 10 weeks?  Recuperation time for both a live donor and the recipient is about 12 weeks.
ANY (B) or (O) type blood is a match, it doesn't matter if it's negative or positive!
If a healthy person who passed all of the medical screening beginning with paperwork/testing by next week...it could be possible that a live donor transplant to Kim Stolfer could take place by approximately the middle of April, 2013.  Kim Stolfer has indicated that his health insurance carrier would pay for all donor costs if the donor did not have insurance or if there were uncovered medical costs.  If potential loss of income during healing is a concern, fundraisers can be done.
Here are the basic requirements for a Live Liver Donor:
1.  You can be a specific Directed Live Liver Donor Only to Kim Stolfer, if you wish.
2.  You must be 18-55 years of age to be a donor.
3.  You must have a blood type of (B) or (O) to be a donor to Kim Stolfer.
4.  You must be in overall good health.
5.  Your reasons for donation must be the unselfish desire to help Kim.
6.  If you are considering donating to Kim...Discontinue all consumption of any alcoholic beverages or beer now.