Video: Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Ads Violate Basic Gun Safety Rules

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Biden-Bloomberg: Walking, Talking Gun Safety Disasters
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is ponying up millions of dollars of his own money to run ads touting mandatory gun registration.  Hey! Its his money.  He can do what he wants. It's still a free country...for now.

What is disturbing, or comical, depending on your frame of mind, is that the average Joe in the ad, who claims to be a lifelong hunter, says that "with rights comes responsibility", yet he violates some of the most basic gun safety rules while he is saying it.

Can you spot the violations?

1) Finger is on the trigger!  Your finger should NEVER be on the trigger unless you are ready to fire the weapon.  It should be along side the trigger guard.

2) The bolt action is closed.  There is no way to tell if the weapon is loaded.  Disturbing if you are touting your responsibility to viewers.

3) The weapon is pointed down range, (with the bolt closed and finger on the trigger). Weapon should either be pointed down at the ground (my preference) or pointed up into the air.

Great job on demonstrating for everyone how NOT to handle a weapon, Mayor!

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