Finally! Obama Submits NCAA Picks! Still No Budget.

Posted by Brian

Obama focused like a laser...on March Madness.

At least we know where President Barack Obama's priorities lie.  ESPN even has a name for it: Barack-etology.  The annual dog and pony show (Video) where Obama tells us his bracket picks for March Madness.

For the fifth year in a row, Obama comes out with his annual NCAA tournament picks, predicting that Indiana will win it all.  In past years he has correctly picked N. Carolina to win (2009), got shut out in 2010 and 2011 Final Four picks, and had two Final Four teams correct in 2012 (Kentucky and Ohio State).

During that same five year stretch, Obama has either failed to submit a budget,  or of the budgets he has submitted, has not managed to garner a single vote for passage.  His 2012 budget was struck down 99-0 in the Senate, and 414-0 in the House.  His 2011 budget was struck down 97-0.

But hey, he's focused like a laser on the economy!

Maybe one of his $90+K/yr  calligraphers can make a budget template resembling the NCAA tournament brackets so he can fill out and submit one budget capable of getting at least one vote!

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