CA Bill Would Effectively Outlaw Pistol Ammunition

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The endgame goal?
Wacko environmentalists are pushing for a ban on lead ammunition, the consequence of which would leave to pistol owners unable to purchase ammunition for their weapons.  As steel core ammunition is defined in the penal code as "armor piercing", the outlawing of lead effectively outlaws all ammunition used by pistols.
Furthermore, the use of steel core ammunition in California is severely limited due to fire hazards created when the bullets strike a rock.  Many outdoor ranges limit when steel core can be used , especially during California's notorious "fire season".  In addition, shooting steel core on federal forestry land is prohibited entirely, and as many ranges are on land leased from the federal government, they don't allow the firing of this type of ammunition at any time so as not to have their lease pulled.

California Penal Code Section 12320 states:
Any person, firm, or corporation who, within this state knowingly possesses any handgun ammunition designed primarily to penetrate metal or armor is guilty of a public offense and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison, or in the county jail for a term not to exceed one year, or by a fine not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000), or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Cal. Penal Code section 12323 Defines "Armor Piercing" as follows:
ABSTRACT: 'Handgun ammunition' means ammunition principally for use in pistols and revolvers as they are defined in Section 12001 of the Penal Code. Handgun ammunition designed primarily to penetrate metal or amor is defined in the same manner as it is defined in federal law.  Penal Code Title 2: Control of Deadly Weapons Chapter 2.6: Ammunition  Definitions  Section 12323  As used in this chapter, the following definitions shall apply: (a) 'Handgun ammunition' means ammunition principally for use in pistols, revolvers, and other firearms capable of being concealed upon the person, as defined in subdivision (a) of Section 12001, notwithstanding that the ammunition may also be used in some rifles. (b) 'Handgun ammunition designed primarily to penetrate metal or armor' means any ammunition, except a shotgun shell or ammunition primarily designed for use in rifles, that is designed primarily to penetrate a body vest or body shield, and has either of the following characteristics: (1) Has projectile or projectile core constructed entirely, excluding the presence of traces of other substances, from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium, or any equivalent material of similar density or hardness. (2) Is primarily manufactured or designed, by virtue of its shape, cross-sectional density, or any coating applied thereto, including, but not limited to, ammunition commonly known as 'KTW ammunition,' to breach or penetrate a body vest or body shield when fired from a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person. (c) 'Body vest or shield' means any bullet-resistant material intended to provide ballistic and trauma protection for the wearer or holder. (d) 'Rifle' shall have the same meaning as defined in paragraph (20) of subdivision (c) of Section 12020.

This bill to ban lead ammunition is another end-run by the leftists on the People's Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms.  Their claim that it is to "protect wildlife", smacks of the same flawed logic, based on flawed studies (link), that has caused the electronic industry to switch from lead-based solder to silver solder in the manufacture of electronic components, which increase costs while decreasing reliability.  In addition, the metals now used in electronic solder applications come with a host of problems, from phenomenom called "tin-whiskers", "tombstoned components, and cracked solder joints. In addition, the tin and silver-based solders are worse for the environment than the highly reliable lead solder, which has been used for decades.

"RoHS" directives mandated by the EU were based on a scientific study by Professor Timothy Townshend, which showed lead from electronic components was leaching into landfills.  The European Union hastily put together a worldwide mandate to eliminate lead from commercial electronic components.  They went forward with this directive, despite subsequent studies, including those by Professor Townshend himself, which all contradicted the results of the initial study, and showed no discernible leaching of lead into the landfills by electronic components.  But by this time, the EU and other countries has realized the huge financial windfall to be gained through the enactment of the ROHS mandates.  In the end, politics and money overrode sound science.

Sound familiar?

Bill would ban Lead Ammunition in California
By TRACIE CONE - Associated Press Monday, Mar. 11, 2013 | 05:35 PM

Environmentalists are pushing legislation to ban lead ammunition in California to prevent toxins from poisoning scavengers that eat animal remains left by hunters.

Final language of the bill was introduced Monday by Assembly Member Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, who said the legislation would remove a lingering source of pollution from the environment. It was sponsored by three major environmental groups — Defenders of Wildlife, Audubon California, and the Humane Society of the United States.

"There really is no question that lead ammo is a threat," said Kim Delfino of Defenders of Wildlife. "To pass a bill in California would set the stage for this happening throughout the country, the way low-emissions vehicle standards changed the market nationwide."
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