Adam Carolla Skewers CA Lt. Gov for Enabling Racial Stereotypes

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Adam Carolla and California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome had a heated exchange on Carolla's radio show when Newsome infered that Blacks and Hispanics were at a disadvantage when it comes to living in poverty, claiming that they don't have access to checking accounts or ATM's.
Carolla then asked why it was that these two particular minority groups, but not Asian's, Jews or even Armenian's don't have the same issues, though they too have endured hardships, including internment (Japanese-Americans), and the Holocaust (Jews).
You can practically hear Newsom squirming in his chair as Carolla confronts him on his pandering to these specific minority groups.

Listen HERE at The Daily Caller >>> Adam Carolla grills Gavin Newsom on minority groups’ poverty numbers [AUDIO]  

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