CA Raising Tax On Highest Gas Price In Nation

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Pointing to a tax shortfall in gas tax revenue due Californians' driving less, the California State Board of Equalization voted to raise the gas tax 10% on July 1st.
So let me get this straight. People drive less, so they need to buy less gas. By buying less gas, less taxes are collected from the sale of gas. So, California's answer is to make a gallon of the most expensive gas in the country even more expensive, causing people to monitor their driving habits even more, and use even less gas. Fewer long trips. Fewer trips to the store. Fewer trips to restaurants.
Since the new tax occurs during the height of the summer vacation season, we can cancel that trip to Disneyland or Magic Mountain. Or, we'll take the vacation, but factor in the increase to our budget. We can forgo overpriced souvenirs, or not eat at the park, leaving for a few hours to grab something to eat at a less expensive eatery.  Even better, have a cooler with sandwiches and drinks in the car.
And then, of course, the cost of getting food and other products to the market will now be more expensive. Those semi's and trains use gas too, so the increased cost of getting those products to market will be passed on to retailers who will raise their prices accordingly.  Beef, coffee, milk, and other staples will become "luxuries", if they aren't already, for many residents.
The once-great state now leads the nation in "poverty rate", with an astounding 23.5% falling into this category.  California has more people on welfare than the next eight states combined(!), and nearly twice as many as the 2nd place State of New York.
With jobs and people leaving, and the State in debt by as much as $335 BILLION, a rational person might be looking for ways to actually encourage new business to come into the state, as well as giving its people a reason NOT to leave.  But California leaders seem hell-bent on doing the exact opposite, marching headlong into the abyss, as their dream of creating a socialist utopia blinds them to the inevitable disaster looming ahead.
For those who do plan on leaving California for better opportunities, AND you are one of those who repeatedly voted for the liberal/socialist jokers who run California, do the people of the state you move to a favor: DON'T go there as a "displaced Californian". Don't vote for the same kinds of idiots that destroyed the once-Golden State.  Don't try to change your new home. Embrace it. Become a "Texan", or "South Carolinian", or "Floridian".  You screwed up your state. Don't screw up theirs. Embrace their distinct culture, history, liberties, and advantages.   If your plan is to "take advantage" of the opportunities of wherever you land, and continue to vote for the same kind of people who destroyed California, then stay where you are. Wallow in the mess you and others created, and be content in that misery.  Don't spread your disease to the states that have been responsible in their governance.
California, once admired, is now a laughingstock to all but themselves.
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