OH NO! Jeb Bush Won't Rule Out '16 Run For White House!

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Saying that even more tax increases could be an option in a budget deal with Obama, Jeb Bush also refused to rule out running for the Oval Office in 2016.
Great!  Just what the proctologist ordered. Another big government, establishment Republican
with the name "Bush" to further muck up the GOP.
The conservative wing of GOP voters had better come out in force in 2014 and clean out a significant number of bug government Republicans, or this Party is done.

Jeb Bush says revenue increase could be part of budget deal
By Aaron Blake , Updated: March 4, 2013
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R) said Monday that revenue increases could be a part of a budget deal with President Obama, provided the president is willing to do big things to get the deficit under control.

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During an appearance on NBC’s “The Today Show,” Bush said it’s not the time to talk about increasing taxes after what he called the biggest tax hike in American history two months ago following the fiscal cliff deal. But he also wouldn’t rule out the idea that revenues could be part of a package — something Republicans in Congress have said is off the table.
“There may be (room for revenue) if the president is sincere about dealing with our structural problems,” Bush said.
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