VIDEO: Woman, 63, Violently Attacked at Planned Parenthood

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63-year-old Grandmother of 12 Assaulted outside Planned Parenthood in Delaware
Clinic has had four botched abortions in five weeks

Unidentified woman who attacked 63 year old grandmother
63-year-old Rae Stabosz has been going to pray outside a Wilmington Delaware Planned Parenthood clinic which performs abortions for the last three years, but this is the first time she has been physically assaulted.

The Blaze reports that Stabosz was preparing to leave for the day when an ambulance pulled up.  She then began filming with her iPhone. A woman came out of the clinic and demanded she stop filming, saying "I'm going to f**k you up so bad".

Stabosz called 911 to report she had been threatened. Continuing to film, the same woman came out after about 10 minutes talking on her cell phone.  She tells the person on the phone, "I'll call you later from jail". Then, walking directly toward Stabosz, she assaults the grandmother, knocking her to the ground.
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  1. So, why is this ape yet unidentified? She must work or volunteer there. If it were a young white woman who attacked an elderly black grandmother there'd be a massive protest, clowns like Sharpton & Jackson would be on every media outlet they could. The photo of this animal is close up and very clear. Why hasn't the Wilmington PD issued a BOLO and/or arrested her?